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The impact of Codility

With over a decade of experience, we've helped our customers accelerate their time-to-hire by 20 days on average. That’s 50% faster than the industry average! But don’t take our word for it, see the impact we've made:

Microsoft performs 100+ remote interviews each day.
Unity saved 2,200 engineering hours in one quarter.
Okta increased their candidate pipeline by 600%.


Build teams on evidence

not assumption


Design role-specific remote skills assessments to screen candidates before moving them to the interview stage.

Host technical remote or onsite interviews via our shared editor using a range of templates and whiteboards.



Maximize impact at events or host online coding competitions. We'll handle the tech, you run the campaign.

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online hiring tests

Quickly differentiate your great from good candidates while removing bias

Save engineering hours instead of interviewing unqualified developers

Accelerate hiring without losing the insights needed to make great hiring decisions

Empowering teams with the most complete developer technical skills screening platform to confidently hire the best developers quickly.

  • Hire 2.5x faster with skill-based coding assessments
  • Enhance your hiring with plagiarism prevention & fraud detection
  • Build a diverse team by mitigating bias from your tech recruitment process

Saving over 2,000 hours in interview time for the world’s leading companies

Codility provides a very fluid test creation and candidate experience. It's convenient to be able to choose between pre-designed tests or construct them from the ground up as needed. The default coding test content and varying complexity are of high quality, and can save a lot of time in creating an effective technical evaluation process.

"Great tool for hiring process"

Elena Garderman
Sr. Development Manager